I am as invested in teaching as I am research. My official, institutional student evaluations and teaching observations at Baruch College–CUNY and Monmouth University have been, as a whole, excellent. The courses below, either in development or already taught, speak to the wide range of my areas of teaching competence.

Courses at Baruch College–CUNY

‘The Religion of Everyday Life’

The Peopling of New York: The Political Art of Activist New York (Macauley Honor’s School)

Introduction to Sociology

Courses at Monmouth University

Introduction to Religious Studies

Philosophy of Religion

Comparative Religions

Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Philosophy


Philosophy and Literature

Philosophy of Love and Friendship

Informal Logic

First Year Seminar (Ethics in College Life and Beyond)

Courses in Preparation and Development

Philosophical Anthropology of Religion

Introduction to Secularism Studies 

Religion and Democratic Theory

Religion and Economy

Religion and Society

Philosophy, Literature, and Social Science 

Crafting Autoethnography 

Social Theory 

The Frankfurt School

Latin@ Religions

Lived Religions of New York

Introduction to Ritual Studies 

Religion, Magic, and Science 

The Religious Biographies of New Yorkers 

Religion in Film